Poor Posture While Driving When commuting wreaks havoc on your overall body alignment and health

Mar 2018


If you are like many people out there, you probably spend a significant amount of time commuting to and from work, as well as depending on your car for your day-to-day needs.

Driving is an excellent way to get to your destination quickly and efficiently, particularly in areas when you can’t rely on public transportation.

On the other hand, spending too much time sitting in a car with the wrong posture could pose significant threats to your overall health and undermine your body alignment.

Thankfully, there are many things you can do to improve your posture. Keep reading to find out more!


Your posture in the car largely depends on how you sit. Make sure you keep your seat as high as you can while remaining comfortable and able to drive safely. Some drivers might keep their seat a bit too far from the wheel, meaning that they need to bend forward to be comfortable. Try keeping your seat closer, so you don’t need to be all hunched over the wheel. This way, you will be able to align your back in a neutral position.

Incorrect position while driving could cause a wide variety of health issues, ranging from chronic pain to headaches, sciatica and more.


If you take long car trips, you might also consider taking breaks throughout the journey. Even stopping for 5 minutes to stretch out could make a positive impact on your body, and the added benefit is that you can also recharge your focus and refresh after many hours behind the wheel.


The positioning of your elbows is also critical. Make sure you keep your elbows low, allowing the arm to follow its natural curve towards the wheel. If you keep your elbows up or leaning on the side of the window, your posture will not be good.

Regular massage therapy treatments are a great way to help the body’s alignment and make it easier to correct posture related issues. Let us know how we can help!