The Benefits of Drinking Organo Gold Coffee Massage Therapy Newmarket

Oct 2016

Maximize Your Morning: Getting the Nutrients You Need to Start the Day Right

It’s morning. Whether you had a restful night’s sleep full of sweet dreams on the perfect mattress, or a night that fell slightly short of that ideal, this is your chance to start fresh. After your digestive system and other internal organs have used all of those hours to process, reset, and rest, it’s important to wake them up with the nutrients that will keep them – and you – fueled for the day ahead.
The challenge is that many of us have the habit of breaking fast with foods that don’t provide the nutrient profiles we need to function at optimal levels. In the midst of the morning rush, it becomes all too easy to reach for sugary, processed foods. They may seem convenient as you search for your keys and head out to work, but the energy crash you’ll feel just a short while later is a tell-tale sign that breakfast was a nutritional bust. Not to worry, though; this one small tweak to the “Most Important Meal of the Day” can have huge payoffs for the rest of your day, and your overall health. Better yet, it may even help simplify your regular routine, saving time and adding an important nutritional boost in a place you may not expect: your morning cup of coffee.

But wait, isn’t coffee bad for me?

In a word, no! Now, those who opt for drinks made with coffee that actually look and taste more like desserts will feel the effects of the added ingredients… but blame that on the whipped cream and the salted caramel drizzle. In fact, coffee itself has important health benefits that go far beyond the pep it may add to your step.
For example, Organo Gold coffee contains a multitude of antioxidants – they eliminate free radicals from the body, boosting your immune system and preventing disease. Their special blend also contains Ganoderma lucidum – commonly known as Reishi mushroom – and this is where the health benefits go through the roof.
Known as the “King of Herbs” by practitioners of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Ganoderma contains adaptogens. These help your body adapt to numerous stressors, and a have a normalizing effect on your physiological functioning, as well as on your mood. This means that initial kick from the caffeine won’t turn into a craving later; you’ll experience an even, long-lasting energy boost from your cup of Organo. It also means that your body will be less susceptible to disease, both acute (like colds and flus), and chronic (like malignant cancers).
Another important benefit of the Ganoderma lucidum in Organo Gold is the amino acid complex it provides. Amino acids are the building blocks of protein, and compose a hefty proportion of your bodies internal structure (think cells, organs, and tissues). Adding this to your morning routine ensures you have what you need to maintain optimum health and prevent cellular breakdown – it provides proper nutrition on the molecular level.

Upgrade your cup

In addition to giving you a huge health boost, Organo Gold coffee is flavorful, portable, and simple to make. An instant coffee blend with a bold, nutty taste, it gives you more energy in less time, without tasting like a typical “health drink.” One easy switch from your average cup of Joe to Organo Gold, and violà – you’ve conquered mornings!