Headaches and Migraines Explained

Jul 2019

Did you know that headaches are one of the most common reasons people use over the counter drugs?

While these drugs are generally safe and effective when used as directed, their use has been associated with certain risks. They can cause overload to our livers, affect our digestive tracts, and more.

Chronic headaches—whether tension or migraine—can be caused by a bunch of health problems, ranging from totally minor to pretty major.

Headaches are a pain—literally and figuratively. Sometimes, they can be harmless and disappear on their own. Other times, headaches can stop us in our tracks. And while chronic headaches can be innocent, they can also signify a deeper health issue. Did you know there are three primary headache classifications? Migraines, tension, and cluster.

What Causes Headaches?

There are many triggers that can cause headaches or migraines:

  1. You are taking too many headaches meds. Sometimes taking too many pills can backfire and mess with your body’s pain response. It can alter your brain’s ability to regulate pain. Which is why people who take lots of painkillers, still struggle with pain.
  2. Sinus problems. They say that most sinus headaches are migraines with sinus symptoms. Chances are if you have pain in your facial area, this is a migraine.
  3. Your estrogen levels have dropped. Before menstruation many women experience PMS related headaches. This can be one of the biggest triggers for migraines in women. Any time your body experiences a hormonal change there is a great chance for headaches.
  4. Headaches can be common with people who have diabetes and fibromyalgia.
  5. You’re dehydrated. This is one of the most common reason why people get headaches.
  6. You are stressed. Our head gets so full of thoughts the muscles in our head, neck and shoulders can actually tense up. These muscles can send pain to different parts of our head, which in return gives us headaches.
  7. Food and alcohol. Many foods and beverages have preservatives in them which will cause headaches and migraines. And some people have food sensitives that can also cause headaches.
  8. Poor posture, especially from sitting at a computer or in our car too long creates a lot of tight muscles in the back of our neck. This in turn will affect our head.

How We Can Help

Massage can help with releasing the tension from the muscles that cause headaches. It can decrease stress and calm the nervous system down. Massage can also help with postural dysfunctions. Getting on a cleaner diet and going back to whole foods again can also help with decreasing symptoms.

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